Book Review: The House Of Hades

March 10, 2014 Comments Off on Book Review: The House Of Hades
Book Review: The House Of Hades

By: James Durham

I dig Roman and Greek mythology, therefore, I read the next book in the Heroes Of Olympus series: The House Of Hades by Rick Riordan, who made his fame with the Percy Jackson series. Like his previous works of literature, Riordan has ingeniously crafted another masterpiece. I would say that The House Of Hades is definitely not for the light-hearted; this book has a very dark element to it; spending a majority of the time talking about how the third book picks up the cliffhanger from The Mark Of Athena with characters Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase exploring the realm of the dead and the underworld. Jackson and Chase explore because they were dropped into Tartarus, the Greek and Roman mythology version of Hell, at the end of The Mark of Athena.

If you like romantic novels, then I would suggest the Heroes of Olympus as a series to check out. It is a lengthy read of about 580 pages, published on October  8, 2013. Like many of Riordan’s books it was a #1 New York Times Children’s Series, Bestseller#1 USA Today Bestseller, #1 Publishers’ Weekly Bestseller, #1 Globe & Mail Juvenile Bestseller, and#1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller.

Overall I liked the book and would give it 4 horseshoes out of 5 horseshoes.



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