Food Review: Santarpio’s Pizza

April 10, 2014 Comments Off on Food Review: Santarpio’s Pizza
Food Review: Santarpio’s Pizza

By: Katerina Lessard

Recently, for my friends birthday I went to East Boston to get pizza; specifically, pizza at Santarpio’s. The pizza at Santarpio’s place was rated to be the best pizza in Boston and outranked Regina’s Pizza. The menu is all pizza based except for a couple options under appetizers such as lamb, steak, or sausage.

The pizza that my friend and I decided to share was Italian cheese, pepperoni, and mushrooms. I would give the pizza a 4/5 stars” it was the best pizza I had ever had but the only critic I have about it is that the pizza was kind of falling apart when it arrived to me. There were so many toppings it made the pizza a little heavy; therefore,  I had to cut it up and could not eat it like a regular piece of pizza. Although this happened,  I did not have a problem with it.

I would recommend anybody to go to this pizza spot because it is definitely worth going to especially if you are in East Boston.

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