Opinion: Finding a Part-Time Job

April 18, 2014 Comments Off on Opinion: Finding a Part-Time Job
Opinion: Finding a Part-Time Job

By: Tiago Freitas

The economy may be getting better and currently at a  record high, but finding a decent part-time job for a high school student is still hard to find. This may be obvious to students who are looking for a part-time job to show they are  independent; not being supported their by mom and dad. It seems employers should look at the potential of students and take advantage of students who are eager to get jobs; instead, they would rather be short staffed.

What a struggle!

Trying to save up for what you want begins to be a struggle. You grow out of that phase where asking mom and dad for money is okay but you would rather not ask. In addition, your parents aren’t helping the situation either; enforcing that you get a job, that they stop paying for your stuff, or even that they stop giving you money to buy what you desire.

Overall, I plead to employers to look at eager students who want a job more seriously.

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