Medford High’s 2015 One Act Plays

February 6, 2015 Comments Off on Medford High’s 2015 One Act Plays
Medford High’s 2015 One Act Plays

Spontaneous. Unpredictable. Eccentric. These words all mean very similar things. They are also words that could be used to describe the 2015 Medford High One-Acts.

The first thing to know this year about the one acts is that there’s five of them. This means the shows are shorter than ever, and each is more eclectic than the average one-act.


First off is Matt Minchello and Deanna Debenedictis‘s show, Employee of the Month. This fast-paced and comedic murder mystery is features seniors Will Bowler, Michaela Davidson and Derek Mangan.

Next is Emily Ross and Tania Louis‘s show, Not-So-Happily Ever After. In this show, the worlds of classic Disney princesses such as Ariel, Bella, and Snow White collide. This uproarious romp features seniors Mary Donnelly, Matt McKillop, Tamillys Lima, Debbie Lavoie and Sandra Gonzalez

Third, Darren McFadden and Cullen Burke‘s sketch-comedy show aptly titled Last Minute. The fast-paced scenes satirize many aspects of modern life, from coffee shops to high school to bank robberies, all with a hilarious and memorable ensemble cast. Senior Sarah Diettrich makes her drama club debut in this show.

After intermission, show #4 is Jackie McLaughlin and Talia Andreottola‘s Meet the Roomates. This show is perhaps the most relevant to high school students, acting as a lighthearted, 15 minute reminder of how Murphy’s Law can apply to a college roommate surveys. This show features seniors Olivia Allison, James Burgess and Will Bowler.

Lastly, the show Mama’s Prison, written largely by David Todisco and directed by Derek Mangan and Michela Davidson. This wacky show features a hilarious love story, the struggle of an unconventional prison to keep its doors open, and by some interpretations features some pointed satire of a certain educational institution that we all know, featuring seniors Alana Valdez, Charlotte Morse, Debbie, Michaela, Tamillys, and James.

The cast, crew, directors, and adults involved have had quite a time squeezing 5 days of preparation into 2 with the snow day schedule. However, anyone in the shows will tell you how well they have “come together”, and the whole Drama Club sincerely hopes you can all make it to the school, Friday and Saturday, February 6th and 7th, at 7:00, to enjoy a night at the theater.

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