The Brarticle/ A letter to MHS

May 27, 2015 Comments Off on The Brarticle/ A letter to MHS
The Brarticle/ A letter to MHS

Dear MHS,

We would like to thank you for the equality you have enforced in this school with help from clubs like the GSA and Amnesty International. MHS has created a friendly learning environment where almost everyone can feel comfortable. Almost. We believe, as we are sure you do too, that all student’s rights should be equal and fair, but how is it fair that a girl’s physical comfort comes second to a boy’s education? Even on hot June days girls at MHS are expected to dress “appropriately” and are forbidden to wear spaghetti straps, because it will “distract” a boy. Is that the only reason? How can a school like MHS, that encourages self-acceptance, shame girls into hiding their bodies? If you cannot answer those questions can you at least tell us what’s the big deal with bras? Should girls really be getting detention for wearing clothes? For those that don’t know we (females at MHS) are not allowed to have bra straps showing, but no one has ever told us why. Is it because boys are sexually attracted to bra straps? Are bras supposed to be a secret? Are we pretending bras don’t exist? If bra straps are really as vulgar and inappropriate as they are made out to be maybe MHS should just ban bras all together. Or instead of punishing girls for wearing clothes maybe MHS could teach boys not to objectify women. Stop using the saying”Boys will be boys” and instead say “Bras will be bras” but instead of the assumption, all boys  have raging hormones and should not be held responsible for their actions, assume that all bras have straps and they should not be hidden, but worn with pride.


The Lady Mustangs



Link to Student Handbook Dress Code on page 44:

Big thanks to all Lady Mustangs who contributed esp. Saaima Ghaswala and Melissa Tullio







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