Possible Better Lunch At MHS?

January 23, 2017 Comments Off on Possible Better Lunch At MHS?

On Wednesday, January 18, MHS Journalism students headed over to Cafeteria 2 to try possible new menu items for school lunch. Retta, the woman in charge of the school lunch options wants to improve the food options in the school. She wants to support local business and give students good, healthy food. As a result, she got the students to try a Butternut Squash soup and a Turkey chipotle, and cheese melt on flatbread. The soup got overall mixed reviews, but the reason it lacked more positive reviews is the state restrictions on sodium. The melt was amazing. Everyone who tried it said that it should be on the menu. It was a great blend of spice with the cheese, turkey, and flatbread. The class will continue to try more food, so keep your eyes and mouths out for new food items!


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