Celtics Make No Moves At Deadline

March 3, 2017 Comments Off on Celtics Make No Moves At Deadline
Celtics Make No Moves At Deadline

By JJ Jalal and Alanna Nucci

The Celtics once again make no moves at the trade deadline, but just like last season, the rumors were unstoppable and interesting. There were reports of almost any player that was available to be traded to the Celtics as their assets makes them the best team to deal with. There were rumors that Demarcus Cousins could be in a trade to Boston. It was later found that Boston had no interest in Cousins anyways, proving that trade deadline rumors are usually not dependable. The more serious rumors revolved around Paul George and Jimmy Butler. There was even a confirmed price tag on Butler, which was too high for the Celtics preference. All in all, the Celtics decided to hold on to their treasure chest of assets for an opportunity to make a move later on, or draft a young star in the upcoming loaded draft, possibly the likes of Fultz or Ball.

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