Shaolin Shuffle Review

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Shaolin Shuffle Review

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With the release of the second dlc of Infinite Warfare there is also a brand new zombie map, this time your in the 1970s and in New York, but now face the threat of kung-fu zombies and seemingly the dangerous and mysterious Rat King.


For this set of dlc so far the maps seems to be pretty good and this one isn’t different, however the concept is the same, but the easter egg, weapons and traps are new, with a brand new perk (Even though the perk has been in previous maps before) Starting off with new weapons, players can find new melee weapons such as the nun chucks and a katana, but that can only be earned after the easter egg, something this article will not go into. The most special part of this map are the Chi weapons, these are considered the wonder weapons of the map, but are more like wonder abilities. The abilities start off only using your hands as weapons, then after a certain amount of kills you can use the shuriken, after that a special ability, after that a super ability, there are four Chi in total, crane, tiger, snake and dragon, each with their own abilities similar to the special pistol weapons in Zombies in Spaceland, or the crossbows in Rave in the Redwoods. Unlike Rave in the Redwoods where there are mini perks, this map features a somewhat new perk. “Deadeye Dewdrops” this is extremely similar to Deadshot Daiquiri, where it auto aims for a zombies head, instead of the chest which grants more points and easier kills, but Dewdrops grants an additional perk, the longer a player aims down his/her sight the higher the damage will be dealt, making this perk more useful, but to me it ranks with the Trail Blazers, somewhat useful, but not needed.

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The map also includes new traps such as the Toy Robot, Zom-B-Gone and the Lava Lamp, the concept for building traps is the same, instead of coins, or gems you find Mahjong tiles, instead of drops and you have to take these tiles to a table full of them. The Toy Robot acts like the I.M.S from Cod: Ghosts where it is a non-mobile object that launches grenades at zombies, until it is destroyed, or used up. The Zom-B-Gone instantly kills zombies when thrown and may do some damage in the area it was thrown if zombies walk on it, but it is unsure whether zombies will die it in. Finally is the lava lamp is similar to the Zom-B-Gone, but it has a smaller area and does damage to you, the benefit is that it stays longer and zombies take fire damage from it. Overall this map is another creative map that players would enjoy if they like to mess around, or try a challenging easter egg.

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