Medford Track & Field Medal at NEC Meet

June 15, 2017 Comments Off on Medford Track & Field Medal at NEC Meet
Medford Track & Field Medal at NEC Meet

by Valeria Dapena

Last Saturday March 20th, Medford High School’s Track and Field 4x100m team won a medal for 5th place out of the 16+ teams that attended the NEC( New England Conference) meet. The relay race was ran by outstanding runners  Max Charles (senior), Tommy Tran (junior) who qualified for states,  Leonardo Bruce (sophomore), and finally the states qualifying runner Tristen Howard (freshman). These fantastic performers brought the team to a final time of 46.7 seconds. It has been a fantastic season for all of these athletes and outstanding achievements have been made.

Making States:

The State meet took place at the Greater New Bedford V-Tech High School.

This past week, Coach Joseph Donlon has practiced with Tommy Tran who jumped an incredible 19 feet for long jump,  and Tristan Howard who placed 3rd for his flight with a time of 11.68 seconds for the 100 meter dash.


Rory Robinson took part in the 100 meter dash and the 4x100m relay race for his running Events. For throwing events, he threw 40 feet for his personal best at Shotput and 87 feet at the Discus. He ended his season with a very close call at the NEC meet for Shotput. Izaiah Fernandez, tallest on the team and great thrower, had a personal best of 36 feet at Shotput and an incredible 97 feet throw at Discus. Our next senior is Ben Candee. He was captain along with Rory Robinson. He famously ran the mile, 800 meters, and 400 meter hurdles. He ended his season greatly by being one of the strongest members on the team and a great friend as well. Max Charles II is the next senior who ran sprints and took part on the 4x100m relay team and ran 200 meters at a personal best time of 24.5 seconds. Max Charles is known to have great knowledge of qualifying times and has great tips on how to improve yourself as an athlete and a student as well. Alexa Normile, one of our female throwers, had a personal best of 24 feet at Shotput. Along with Alexa was first year Caroline Surette. Caroline Surette started off as a distance runner, testing the waters to see what she liked the most. As the season went on, she found herself throwing Javelin at a personal best of 44 feet. Even through injury, she remained strong with her partner in crime, Ernst Laurent. Ernst started off as a runner as well and as the season went on, he started to take part in more running events and found himself throwing at a personal record of 65 feet for discus and 30 feet for Shotput. He is known for being a great friend and someone who pushes you to do your best.

It has been an incredible season for all of these senior athletes and we hope that they continue to strive for the highest they can. They have been not only part of the team as athletes, but incredibly supportive friends for each and every teammate. The season couldn’t have been better without them.

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