What Call of Duty WW2 should improve on in multiplayer.

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What Call of Duty WW2 should improve on in multiplayer.


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Not all video games are good, not are all bad, the same can be said about the Call of Duty franchise, people love it, people hate it, with the next Call of Duty coming up it is important to know what the fans want and what they don’t want and how the developers at Sledgehammer Games should improve their game, specifically multiplayer.

Weapon Balance

The most important aspect of every multiplayer game, weapon balance is what every game needs, however for the past Call of Duty’s it seems ignored. In Advanced Warfare the Bal-27 and the ASM1 where the most used and unbalanced weapons with easy recoil control and fast fire rates, these weapons had little nerfs, but didn’t affect the weapon in a drastic way, in Black Ops 3 the 205 Brecci shotgun had extreme ranges and rate of fire and still does to this day, in Infinite Warfare the NV4 and the KBAR-32 have high damage, controlled recoil and fire rate, developers have to make every weapon balanced and fair, giving perks such as Man-At-Arms, or Gung-Ho change the game by making the flaws of weapons easier to use, making the weapon less skillful to use. Developers at Sledgehammer need to make all the weapon feel realistic, but balanced, shotguns have a short range, SMGs have high recoil, Assault Rifles have lower magazines, LMGs are slow in mobility and Sniper Rifles must be used from long ranges, the only way weapons can be balanced is if none of the weapons are over-powered, or all of them all, if you aim and shoot first, with the right accuracy you should win the gun fight.

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Bal-27                                                    ASM1                                                                                         Image result for 205 brecci         Image result for nv4

205 Brecci                                            NV4


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This problem has occurred slightly in every Call of Duty where you spawn an almost instantly die, but it has occurred more on Infinite Warfare where players, including myself have spawned into gun fights, in front of enemies, or close enough where reaction time doesn’t matter, a player should not spawn into a gun fight, nor in a desolated area of the map, the spawning should be near un-damaged teammates, or around the corner from the fight



Maps are something that should be important, since this is a Call of Duty in the past the areas need to take in historical places, some parts of the maps can be changed, but when it comes to a layout, two stories maximum height, possible swimming and maps don’t always have to be three lanes, there could be multiple and connected routes that give players more options, but don’t make the map too big, or else the games stretch out and become boring, if a map is too small, or clustered players will experience the same events over.


Game modes

Every Call of Duty has the standard game modes such as TDM, Kill Confirm, SnD and more, but they feel the same and get bland over time, Call of Duty WW2 needs new gamemodes, we know we will get a narrative type story with 48 players which is new and exciting, similar to Operations on Battlefield 1, but what else will we get? Hopefully either 2-3 new game modes will keep the game innovated. Also party modes such as Slasher, Prop Hunt and Gun Game should be put in the game as well, even though none of this would happen in WW2 it is a nice break from gunfights, however putting them in standard playlists would eventually dry out the experience, it would be better to put it in private playlists and weekends only, similar to Modern Warfare Remaster’s weekend warfare where every weekend a random game mode not in the standard playlist is included in the weekend.


Supply Drops

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A lot of people hate them, a lot of people like them, I believe the community in general doesn’t hate supply drops, but what is in inside them, anything cosmetic such as a gun skin, player skin, calling card, or emblem are fine and don’t change the gun, but anything that involves game play such as new weapons, or weapon variants change that will push back the community, the compromise between this should be players are able to obtain the weapon without supply drops, this has occurred in Modern Warfare Remastered and Infinite Warfare, Infinite Warfare’s system of challenges to earn the gun seems better, but MWR version of grinding is decent, the problem is it takes a long time to grind for the weapons and the easy way is buying supply drops, in any way the best way to be connected with the community is cosmetics only and make some of the cosmetics look really good, some of the epic versions look bland in games, a weapon should be earned by direct purchase, supply drops, or earn the weapon.


DLC Weapons / Variants

A huge controversy in the game are dlc weapons, back from Black Ops 2, Ghosts and a little bit of Advanced Warfare the only way to get new weapons was to buy them, a lot of players like and didn’t like this, supply drops took that a step further and back, you had a chance to earn the weapon, but could not buy it straight up, the best way for a player to earn a weapon has to be all three; direct buy, supply drop, challenge/grind. Weapon variants honestly are the dumbest idea anyone could make, in Black Ops 2 players could unlock select fire which can change their gun from semi, burst and fully automatic, in Infinite Warfare players need to unlock a version of one specific gun that makes it either semi automatic, or a slug round, or even a grenade launcher, this idea needs to be removed and never brought back.


League Play

For any team of players that wants to be more competitive there should be a league mode, this is the area where matchmaking should be based of Kill/Death ratio and the league rank (Bronze, silver, gold, etc) there should also be rewards for this league play, possible ranking up to a certain league unlocks an exclusive camo only available if the specific league is complete, such as a bronze camo for your weapon when you reach the next league. There can also be calling cards and characters customization, this did occur in Ghosts and Advanced Warfare with custom character pieces and calling cards, but it feels as if the league play is not kept up to date as it is usually a 4v4 and a random gamemode, since new dlc weapons are in supply drops, maybe if a certain rank is gained a player earns a dlc unlock token which grants whatever weapon the player decides on.

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Map Creation

Something that isn’t talked about, but one of my favorite ideas would be the possibility to create and share custom map creations, this isn’t impossible as games such as Halo and FarCry are able to have players create custom maps on consoles, with Call of Duty it seems only Treyarch has made some of their games available with the tools to do so, but only on computers, it would be a new feature that gives players more creativity in how they want to play their games, if this was included, maybe every week Sledgehammer Games can feature custom maps that could be available to the public to play, or the map has to be uploaded and approved by Sledgehammer so the maps can be played in a rotation, such as having a next official map, a previous official map, a random official map and a random custom map.






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