Celtics Storylines to Keep an Eye On

October 23, 2017 Comments Off on Celtics Storylines to Keep an Eye On
Celtics Storylines to Keep an Eye On

Daniel O’Donovan


October 17, 2017 will mark a new era in Celtics basketball for the city of Boston. The new additions and few same old players have generated an interesting storyline for this new team. The Celtics are no longer that grind it out, nitty gritty, blue collar squad we are all accustomed to. These are established artists of the sport known more for finesse and flare than the previous teams over the past 3 to 5 years. Kyrie Irving, Al Horford, and Gordon Hayward are the new big three in town and each of these players have their own dreams and aspirations they look to fulfill in their coming years on the team. Kyrie is on a mission to create his own brand and name separate from Lebron James. His former teammate and future Hall of Famer may have guaranteed some success short term and lead to previous success but overall left Irving feeling like a second rate player. His upcoming years for the team will surely give him the keys to find himself. The fans greatly wish that he does so. Horford has his own battles he plans on facing this year when it comes to winning that elusive ring and proving that at 31 years of age he still has the fire and drive that made him that great player that all NBA fans fell in love with during his time in Atlanta. His lack of success against Lebron lead squads has also been a barrier to his success and this seasons, with new additions to the team he hopes to finally defeat The King, get to the Finals, and take home the hardwood. And last but definitely not least Gordon Hayward, former member of the Utah Jazz has something to prove as well. Gordon along with looking for a ring is in need of this new city market to grasp the attention of the casual viewer to showcase his skills on national televised games in a community that will love and appreciate his defense, offense, and hustle in all facets of the game. This season and the following seasons to come could solidify his spot in the league as a perennial All-NBA talent.


Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward were not the only new pickups in the offseason though. Veterans like Marcus Morris and Aaron Baynes were added to the team for some much needed rebounding and height. There were also many draftees and signings to the regular season squad that has left the Celtics with five rookies on the perceived game time roster including Jayson Tatum, the third overall pick out of Duke looking to take over a starting spot and become a solidified scorer with a game that was “NBA ready” according to multiple scouts. These rookies along with the rest of the young players in the league are looking for their chance to shine for even the “mediocre” players can obtain up to $20 million like Nuggets guard Gary Harris.

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