Call of Duty: WW2 Multiplayer Review

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The next big Call of Duty project has finally arrived taking a turn from the future and returning to World War 2, Call of Duty WW2 sets players in the European theater as Private: Ronald “Red’ Daniels in the single player, however a separate review will be released soon for both campaign and zombies for further reviews, this section focuses on the multiplayer experience of the game with it having its own perks and flaws.


Call of Duty WW2 multiplayer takes place three days after the victory for the allies over Normandy beach, the player is first introduced to the Headquarters which is a social space where players can interact with each other and do certain activities to entertain themselves before joining a match. Various activities can be preformed in Headquarters such as a practice range, a 1v1 arena known as the pit, ranking up and the most special part, orders and contracts. Orders come in daily and weekly challenges where players can complete challenges to earn rewards such as supply drops, credits and either player, weapon, or division experience, completing a number of orders such as six daily orders, or three weekly orders can grant the player an extra reward. The Quartermaster is a woman who gives players challenging timed orders for rewards called contracts, these contacts have to be bought with credits the player can earn by logging in, opening supply drops and completing orders, however the rewards are very small and shouldn’t be bought. Supply drops are back in the game, fortunately these only provide cosmetic items only with experience boosts to players, weapons and divisions.

Before starting multiplayer players must decide on what division to join, these division are a part of creating a load-out for your soldier with each having a benefit; Infantry can grant players a bayonet providing a one melee hit kill instead of the two hit standard, another perk can include an extra attachment for any rifle; The Airborne division grants players a suppressor for any sub-machine gun and faster movement; Anyone using the Mountain division are hidden from enemy recon planes with silent movement and aim assist for snipers; Armored soldiers have a bi-pod for light machine guns for reduced recoil along with a higher resistance to fire and explosives, finally the Expeditionary division provides players with incendiary shells for shotguns that deal more damage at a longer range, however these are necessary for any shotgun as the regular shells do very little damage at medium range, or event point blank range.

There are a lot of rifles and sub-machine guns, but very little sniper rifles, light machine guns and shotguns, some of the weapons also feel more of a re-skin of one weapon than a new weapon such as the Luftwaffe drilling and the Sawed-Off Shotgun, hopefully more weapons are added in a proper way that can make the game feel more unique with gun diversity as layers tend to lean towards any iconic weapons such as the Ppsh-41 and the STG-44 rather than other weapons. As of weapon balancing the Ppsh seems off due to the low recoil and high fire rate making it a favorite in hardcore matches, the bar also seems to have a high damage with low recoil, but shoots as faster as some of the other guns.

As for the maps there are only nine free maps and one season pass exclusive map which is rather small compared to other Call of Dutys with twelve free maps. The maps each are very unique with a somewhat typical three lane style, but feeling very original to each one with some being cluttered with debris, or having three floors in one map, my person favorite map has to be Flak Tower due to the sunset background and the very small map design. The only issues with the maps are the spawning and structures; a player can be trapped in his, or her spawn if the enemy team traps them by staying put in an area, this can cause frustration as there is little to no way of being able to have a chance of fighting back, structures provide players with cover, but some areas seems to be able to fully cover an enemies body while being able to shoot at you giving you a very small chance for a comeback, however these will hopefully be changed soon. Overall the game is in a good start, but seems some buffering before it can be called a perfection.

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