Benefits and setbacks of additional content.

November 21, 2017 Comments Off on Benefits and setbacks of additional content.

A more popular way of keeping a games audience coming back for more is more content, however developers and companies have different points of view on different types of content and how they are distributed.

Cosmetic Content:

Cosmetic content is generally the most beloved content for anyone, this does not change how the game is played, but how it looks such as new character clothing, paint jobs for cars, or weapon camouflages. These can be implemented in the game such as a pre-order bonus, play the game, or in loot boxes. The only set back of cosmetic items are that they don’t provide anything new to the game such as maps, weapons, or vehicles and can be put inside of loot boxes exclusively, similar to Counter Strike: Global Offense where players have to buy keys in order to open loot boxes that they can buy, or earn, but cannot guarantee a specific camouflage and is random.

Expansion Passes and DLC:

Expansion passes can be smaller, or larger than content packs with many items, to a few items included inside, usually larger expansion passes provide a new map, characters, weapon and cosmetic items, but game play can be very limited, or have re-play value. Smaller expansion passes can include cosmetic items only with some map changes, or a new game mode however they can be developed and released more quickly due to the little content. Depending on developers content can be purchased in a bundle for the ability to play early such as Injustice 2, or can be free such as Rainbow Six Siege. The problem with this is that it can include a pay to win system meaning the person who pay the most money has a better chance of winning the game, or leave a major part of the community out of content who cannot afford, or choose not to buy.

Loot Boxes

A very controversial content item are the loot boxes as these drops are a random drop system that can give duplicate items and put new content in the game other than cosmetic items only, generally the community enjoys cosmetic items only, but new content can also provide new ways to enjoy the game.

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