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By: Rayan Hijazi

    Since the beginning of time, one of the most vexed issues in America has been abortion. Half of America believes that the government should play a role in what a woman does with her body by making abortion illegal, and the other half is pro-choice; the belief that it should simply be the woman’s choice given that it is indeed her body.

In 1973, Henry Wade, a district attorney at the time, tried to enforce a law making abortion illegal after a woman going by the pseudonym “Jane Roe” tried to get an abortion in Texas in 1969 but a state law banned it. The Supreme Court got a hold of the case after Jane Roe aka, Norma McCorvey sued and the 7-2 decision struck down the state law.

Sadly, the law enforcing the legalization of abortion that was passed in 1973 decision didn’t settle the debate of abortion in America.

It is said that Americans are split, “47% call themselves ‘pro-choice’ while 46% consider themselves ‘pro-life’”

On Wednesday, October 18th, the U.S. government was commanded by a federal judge to allow an undocumented immigrant to have an abortion. The federal judge even said that she was “astounded that the Trump Administration was trying to block the procedure”.

The 17-year-old Central American immigrant, who is represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, is one of thousands of immigrants who has crossed the border alone and illegally and as of right now “is being held in South Texas and has permission from a state judge to have an abortion, but she says federal officials refuse to transport her to a clinic.”

The ACLU lawyers are seeking an “emergency restraining order” against the government in order to add to protection to the pregnant teen known as “Jane Doe” in federal court. The ACLU even claims that some federal staffers in Texas went as far as to make the trip to visit her to talk her out of having the procedure and even went as low as taking her to a “Christian Crisis Pregnancy Center”, where she purportedly received an ultrasound against her will.

Last month, the Trump administration released a new rule that makes it easier for employers to acquire an exemption from the Affordable Care Act’s mandate requiring them to provide birth control and Notre Dame University became the first employer to eliminate coverage and remove birth control with no copay and on November 3 of this year, following the announcement that birth control coverage for faculty and staff will be ended, the University Notre Dame put out a statement saying that it has not yet made a decision on whether to continue birth control coverage for students.

By doing this, the Trump Administration has given employers power that they should not have; The administration has given them power over women and has allowed them to make a choice for women by providing power over their body.

Earlier this year, there were two undocumented teens filing for abortion, and the Trump administration detained them and put them in “immigration detention” and last week, a federal judge ruled in favor of the pregnant teens seeking abortion. The ruling says the Trump cannot stop undocumented immigrants from getting the procedure.

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