Christmas with the Kranks

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Tim Allen stars in Christmas with the Kranks as a husband who plans to skip Christmas one year with his wife, while his daughter, Blaire, is away for the year. Throughout the movie they suffer many rude attempts for people to get them to celebrate Christmas. Every year the Kranks throw a huge Christmas Eve party, buy the best invitations, send out Christmas cards, give donations to multiple charities, and contribute to all the small town fundraisers. However, this Christmas would be different while their daughter is away. The husband decides for them to go on a cruise that leaves Christmas day, and would save them over half of what they usually spend as long as they keep everything Christmas boycotted.

The neighborhood has many traditions such as putting a Frosty on every roof however Luther (Tim Allen) refuses to do anything involving Christmas celebrations. He does not want to be a “Grinch” he personally is just skipping Christmas as if it wasn’t a holiday. He refuses to buy a tree from his Boy Scout neighbors, or even buy a calendar from the local police department, nor will he listen to carollers as they walk through the neighborhood bringing cheer. Throughout the movie the wife has many instances where she wants to crack and can’t handle all the pressure being put on her to celebrate some Christmas. Luther allows her to make her annual donation to the church and local hospital as well as volunteering to read Christmas books ot kids.

Luther has a constant feud with his elderly neighbor Walt and his cat. Walt does everything he can to upset Luther and try and bring him into the Christmas spirit, however Luther refuses. Luther loses his mind and goes overboard preparing for the cruise. He gets a botox injection, goes tanning, and buys new cruise clothes. For awhile the both of them begin to be set on going on this cruise.

The two of them are in for a complete surprise when Blaire calls home Christmas Eve and says she’s coming home for the annual party with her new found fiancé. Now the Kranks have to scurry an emergency party together, while the husbands spirits are down and he is an apparent Scrooge. The neighbors all forgive the Kranks considering they all love Blaire, and pull together a perfect Christmas Eve party like years past.

The movie puts you in the fun Christmas spirit and shows you that anything is possible in the Christmas season. It also teaches the lesson that it’s a bad idea to completely skip over any holiday, especially Christmas.

By Kayley Jefferson

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