Cosmetic Injustice Needs to End!

January 24, 2018 Comments Off on Cosmetic Injustice Needs to End!
Cosmetic Injustice Needs to End!

By Hannah Rogers

The history of cosmetics dates back also 6000 years and can be seen in countless cultures worldwide.  Makeup has been a form of expression for all genders for centuries; whether that be for a costume or daily, more natural wear. Regardless of the history, many cosmetic companies have been leaving out shades in their ranges for people of color. For years companies have failed to provide people of color with an equal amount of shades in a range that are wearable for their differing skin tones.

However, in 2017 makeup lovers began to see a change with the release of the Fenty Beauty foundation which has 40 shades. For reference, the Too Faced Peach Matte Foundation only has 12 shades and the Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation only has 18 shades. Later in the year, Kylie Cosmetics released her concealers which come in 30 shades. It can not be denied that this released featured so many shades because of Fenty Beauty’s release. Things were starting to look up for people on color in the beauty world, until Tarte’s new release.

Last year, Tarte released their Shape Tape Concealers which took the world by storm. They were featured in tutorials and makeup looks. There was not one looks using concealer that did not include Shape Tape. In January of 2018, Tarte rel,lased a foundation line to be paired with their famous, top-rated concealer. The only problem is, there are only 15 shades and out of those 15, only three are usable for people of color. Many people were completely outraged. In one video by Nyma Tang she said, “We are making noise, we are making progress,” clearly upset with this setback brought on by Tarte.

Previously, YSL reserved backlash for their concealers when the featured a model who the concealers were too light for.

I know that I will no longer be purchasing makeup from Tarte because of this launch. We can no longer stand for this injustice in any part of life, not even cosmetics.

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