Passion Pit

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Passion Pit

By Kayley Jefferson

Friday, January 12th

Passion Pit’s concert was held at the House of Blues. Michael Angelakos, 30, initially made his new album “Tremendous Sea of Love” available months ago, sending it directly to Twitter followers in exchange for retweets in support of the #weneedscience campaign. Angelakos is the founder of the New York-based Wishart Group, which emphasizes mental wellness in providing legal, educational, and health care services to artists. This group had been named after his great-grandmother, who was an early advocate for Mental Health issues without realizing it; which she later became a big inspiration for Michael. He says he’s committing full-time to his organization in hopes of reforming artist protections and breaking stigma around mental illness.

Angelakos has been open about living with bipolar disorder and depression, as well as how his mental illnesses inform his artistry. In 2015, he appeared in a PSA for Bring Change 2 Mind, a nonprofit that works to end the stigma around mental illness.

Despite everything going on, Passion Pit put on an amazing performance and was able to win over the crowd in the sold out House of Blues. The age ranging from teenagers to 50 years old, all coming to see Passion Pit’s tour on ” Tremendous Sea of Love.” To most people’s surprise he spent most of his time playing past albums such as “Gossamer” and “Kindred.” The show put on to his audience was an unbelievable show by a man who loves his music. He danced on stage with passion to show how truly happy his music makes him. This especially was a memory filled concert considering he was raised right in Cambridge and holds many memories here. After touring for so many years of his life he seemed happy to be visiting even if only for a night back to his home.



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