Graphics card shortage

January 25, 2018 Comments Off on Graphics card shortage

Apurba Devkota

What do you do when you want to build a decent PC but realize that one of the essential items’ availability is at an all-time low? Not much you can do, if you can’t buy a 1080 Ti through a third party let alone find a seller at all you’re in quite the pickle. Would you rather pay $1000 for a graphics card from a seller who you can’t even remotely trust or wait till the apparent never-ending famine of graphic cards end, if it does?

In January 2018, the shortage has existed for a few weeks  and it can’t be predicted  if or when it may end. The surge of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices has led to this. To mine cryptocurrency efficiently, you need a very high end rig. Miners seeking the ever-so-growing digital currency interest want or wanted as many of these rare diamonds as they can to generate the blockchains for that nice line of numbers. It’s much harder to find the essential at your local best buy, even a major company such as NVIDIA is restricting the number of graphics card you can buy to 2 to prevent miners from acquiring this prospect, “Gamers before miners” says Boris Böhles, PR manager for German Nvidia region.  The shortage has ultimately led to another crisis and that is the price of RAM, which is very expensive right now despite not being as rare. If you wanted to, you could probably even invest in some good, trustworthy graphics card reselling agent or third party corporation  instead of investing in some Dogecoin or  Ethreum.

So. what’s the solution to this crisis? There’s really none except patience, there’s several loopholes around buying restrictions currently present and companies can’t just make more 1080s out of thin air. The only hope is to wait a long time and even if they do somehow experience revival,  the prices will probably be much higher for a decent PC, almost twice as higher than it was in October of the past year.


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