Fortnite 2.0 update review

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Fortnite 2.0 Update

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With the increased popularity and desire for changes, Epic Games along with People Can Fly have updated the battle royal map with the 2.0 update, this adds new areas to the map with many aesthetic changes to the enviroment.

New Areas

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Junk Junction

This area has been placed in the north-west area of the map, specifically located between the B1 and B2 sections, this small edition is  a compact junkyard with stacked cars towering over the player. This location is usually deserted as it can take a while to travel at the start and because the resources are very light, while there are a decent amount of chests the steel earned from the cars is very low considered singe trucks can offer more steel.


Haunted Hills

This creepy graveyard is located below Junk Junction, mainly in the B2 section while a little piece of it is in the B3 section, this area is a more open area littered with tombstones and old abandoned houses, or churches, similar to Junk Junction the resources are very little, but there are a few rocks that can be mined for a decent amount of stone, there are also more chests with many of them hiding below houses and in unexpected places.


Snobby Shores

A medium addition to the east side of the map located entirely in the A5 section, this map features a wide range of urban houses, this map has more resources than both Haunted Hills and Junk Junction and has a hidden bunker somewhere in the map that is packed with chests giving you the advantage if you can make find it first.


Shifty Shafts

A more popular spot added to the map is called Shifty Shafts, this new location resides in the D7 section of the map, the overall location seems like haunted Hills as it looks more abandoned, but the resources and treasure chests from the underground mine help make it a competitive spot where stone resources can flourish.


Tilted Towers

The most popular location added to the 2.0 update has to be Tilted Towers due to the new town having large skyscrapers, each tower seems to have its own set of gear for a player, while resources aren’t as good as some of the other locations, it is popular for the number of chests it has with some being placed inside the towers while others can be hidden underground, or in a clock tower. The overall game-play can be suited for all types of weapons, snipers on the top of the towers, shotguns inside the tower and any other gun in the streets of the town.

Overall these new additions help give the game even more replay value the new environment changes make the new locations with the rest of the map unique to play in, overall it was a nice addition, hopefully the team can begin working on a second map for the popular battle royal mode.

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