The Redskins debate

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The Redskins debate

Daniel O’Donovan

     I have read two articles recently that have drawn great comparison to each other through one major controversy. The name Washington Redskins should probably ring a bell in most Americans minds, especially those that are fans of football. One of the articles by The Washington Post almost advocates the names This article presents a study showing that 90% of Native Americans across an expanded number of districts did not feel slighted by the once thought of as offensive title. They do show the other side of the story but in the end, even putting out this type of study shows the direction in which the article is leaning. the other article brought by The L.A. Times displays a separate side to the argument instantly diminishing the idea of 9/10 Native Americans being alright with the current name. They simply focus on that 10%. In the end there are people offended by this term and by the glorification of it and that enough should sway things according to this article. There should not be any studies except for what the next team name will be.

    Being a fan of football I am very familiar with the term and the team. This is a solid team I have learned to develop a sweet spot for over the years. But the name has always raised an eyebrow. It never personally attacked or offended me but it always peaked a curiosity in me wondering what the consensus was on the name. These studies did not satisfy me, dude to the sheer mass of what 10% actually means. They only tested 507 people so that equals out to 50 people disturbed but imagine millions of people being asked and over 100,000 disagreeing. Putting it into that perspective reminded me that enough people have an issue with it, and being a fan of changing team names, logos, mascots, etc I am in total favor of a name change and branding overhaul for the team. The Native American community deserves an  apology and a great day in the new name.,amp.html

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