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Creating Mods vs. Paying for Mods

October 4, 2017 No Comments »

Recently Bethesda has been pushing a program called the Creation Club, this is a place for Bethesda games such as Fallout 4, or Skyrim Special Edition where players can pay money to get add-ons for the game from other games, ... Read More »

Cross-Platforming is a thing

September 26, 2017 No Comments »

¬†Cross-play by Brandon Siekman   Something that almost every player wants is cross-platforming, for those of you who don’t know cross-platforming is when different clients can connect to a same game, or server. (An example would be an Xbox One ... Read More »

Destiny 2 Review

September 18, 2017 Comments Off on Destiny 2 Review

    By: Brandon Siekman Destiny 2 has just released a few days ago, while I did not pre-order it I did buy it the day after as I did not enjoy the beta, however after listening to a few ... Read More »