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The “Clever Girl”

June 15, 2017 No Comments »

Every ocean lover knows the perils of getting caught in a rip current. It is relatively easy to escape the narrow channel of fast moving water by floating and allowing it to drag you further into the ocean or by ... Read More »

Rise in Blue Lives Matter Laws

June 15, 2017 No Comments »

by Kiarra Bell   Following a spike in deadly attacks on police, more than a dozen states have responded this year with “Blue Lives Matter” laws that come down even harder on crimes against law enforcement officers, raising concern among ... Read More »

The Panic of Online Attacks

May 17, 2017 Comments Off on The Panic of Online Attacks

A worldwide cyberattack spread to thousands of computers on Monday as people logged in at work. The attack, which began on May 12, is believed to be the biggest online attack ever recorded. It has disrupted business, schools, hospitals and ... Read More »

Donald Trump’s First Week

February 28, 2017 Comments Off on Donald Trump’s First Week

By: Gino DeSimone After the first week of Donald Trump’s Presidency I think he surprised a lot of people by carrying out many of the promises he said he would during his unorthodox campaign. Many of his executive orders came ... Read More »

United Kingdom’s “Trump Petition”

February 28, 2017 Comments Off on United Kingdom’s “Trump Petition”

By Nick Rath President Trump has caused a great amount of controversy over the past year not just in the United States, but all around the world. Recently, a petition has been circulating throughout the United Kingdom in order to ... Read More »